Who's your Pupato, calming dog treats?

Sassy Sally Dog illustration. A wiener dog shaped like a curly fry.
Sassy Sally

Sassy Sally is all too argumentative with other pupatoes. 

how to care for your 'Sally'
Vinny Dog. Hyperactive Dog. Illustration of a Pupato shaped dog with french fries as hair.
Spunky Vinn

Spunky Vinn is unstoppable, full of energy, and just loves to wave at everyone.

managing your Vinny
Chip Dog. A timid Dog scared & generally anxious. Illustration of a Floppy Eared Dog on a Potato body.
Jittery Chip

Jittery Chip is scared of the dark, spooky sounds, and overly sensitive to criticism. 

help Chip conquer fear
Pups + Shelters

nearly 10% of pups are 'surrendered' to shelters because of their behavior (AP News). Put an end to it with Pupato.

Image of Jittery Chip inside an Animal Shelter, within a dog house with his head resting on his hands as he looks out.