Who's your Pupato, calming cat treats?

Timid Tator. Illustration of a timid cat standing up with heavy eyes holding its tail.
Timid Tator

Timid Tator is your pal, but no one would believe it.  He hides with the slightest creak, jumps if he is held too long, & fears change.

comforting Tator
Beastly Bandit, a Sneaky Cat. Illustration of a chubby cat with an eye mask and striped shirt like a stereotypical thief.
Beastly Bandit

Ah! as you walk down the hall, Bandit is ready to swipe.  She'll wrap her plush yet sharp claws around your leg before disappearing.

managing your Bandit
O'Brien the cat is all-gray and sits like a regular, slim cat. Illustration is of a gray cat with a hide head.
Mischievous O'Brien

Looking at you right into your eyes, O'Brien taunts you by swiping your family's treasures.  He'll even drown your socks in a water bowl.

give O'Brien a win
Kitties + Shelters

too many furry friends are surrendered due to poor behavior, including not getting along.  don't give up; use Pupato.

Cats in Shelter. This image depicts 3 cats inside of a metal cage of two rows with 3 cages each . Timid Tator is in the first cage. The last cage on the first row has a baby kitten holding a bottle. The bottom row has a senior cat playing the harmonica.