Beastly Bandit cat breaking into purse to steal things, like gum, hair ties, and strings. Beastly Bandit. Cat ambushing you when you walk by and then attacking. Illustration of Bandit cat hiding by dumpster to rob a fisherman with a fish.
Beastly Bandit

you have a Bandit if you suffer from sneaky ambushes, midnight howling, & random pouncing.  Despite his clever disguise, he isn't too hard to spot in the day.  At night, keep an eye out for glowing orbs & humming as he speeds towards you.

Beastly Bandit Kitty lying down, waving with his claws out next to a fish skeleton.
Beastly Bandit as a fisherman. Help your cat that ambushes and attacks you by actively playing with it using a wand or string. take caution to avoid kitty swallowing string.
let's go fishin'

Play with Bandit! Bandit likely acts out because she is bored.  Cats are very finicky with their toys; so you may have to experiment with a few.

Some kitties like birds, others are ground dwellers.

Use a pet wand & give it a try!  unlike pups; cats usually stop when they're tired or bored.